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UK Government Equalities Office online survey of transgender people(from BOP)

April 17, 2011

In its first Transgender e-bulletin, (direct link to PDF) the coalition Government’s Minister for Equalities, Lynne Featherstone, says:

 We recognise transgender issues are distinct and need to be addressed separately. This is why we will also be publishing the first ever cross Government transgender equality action plan later in the year. Highlighting where distinct action is needed in addition to the measures outlined in the LGB&T action plan.

But we won’t be successful without your involvement. To make sure we really deliver for the trans community, we need to know how you think we should be progressing the agenda. So I am delighted to introduce the first trans E-Bulletin, which gives you an opportunity to do just this. It includes an ONLINE SURVEY asking you to tell us the areas you would like us to concentrate on, how you would like us to communicate with you and to contribute your views and ideas. We will use the findings of this first survey to shape the Government transgender equality action plan and formulate initial Government commitments. The next E-Bulletins and surveys will focus on specific themes, depending on the results of this survey and feedback from meetings with you. We plan to issue E-Bulletins and surveys every other month.

The survey targets UK people only and closes on 6 May 2011. Any queries should be directed to Ms Featherstone adds that “personal details will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with anyone outside the Government Equalities Office“.


Edited to add: The term transgender does not seem to be clearly defined anywhere in the bulletin, although potential respondents may find useful descriptions at the NHS Choices website, the T-Vox wiki or elsewhere on the web.



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Paging Mr Kettle, there’s a Ms Pot here would like a word with you…(crossposted from BOP)

April 11, 2011

(From BOP):

April 9th, 2011

Everyone’s favourite celebrity journalist, Ms Bindel, has noticed that the NUS LGBT Campaign Conference 2011, in item 204 Zuck Off! of its schedule of Motions and Amendments (direct link to PDF), believes:

That Julie Bindel is vile.

Ms Bindel’s reaction (via Twitter)?

How utterly professional and dignified NUS

For the record, the full text of the NUS LGBT proposed resolution is as follows:

204 Zuck Off!

Conference believes

  1. Professor Ken Zucker is a clinical psychologist who was invited as a keynote speaker to the Division of Clinical Psychology annual conference this year.
  2. Zuckers work includes the “treatment” and diagnosis of children with Gender Identity Disorder. This diagnosis is based on rigid gender roles, with young girls choosing not to dress in stereotypically ‘feminine’ clothes being a common reason for referral to Zucker’s GID clinic.
  3. Zuckers treatment involves forcing children to conform to rigid gender roles.





a new series of Transfeminist and Feminist articles