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8 Feminist links

March 20, 2011

The F-Word tenth anniversary celebrations

The power of cleavage

Why we need to dismantle the myth of ‘Western’ feminism 

She Should Write

Women, gay and black people still shown as stereotypes in film, says study

7 in 10 Americans support allowing women in ground combat

Where are the women film directors?

Men and women: are we really worlds apart?



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Video Spotlight LGBT Film: “Liquid Sky” “Stevie”

March 11, 2011

Video Spotlight will highlight LGBT,Feminist,and Trans film and themes.

(Possible trigger:video contains violence and drug use)

LIQUID SKY (1983) is the story of an androgynous, self destructive fashion model who is addicted to narcotics, and who gets her drugs from her female lover Adrian. She dresses as both a man and a woman.An avant garde fashion show is to be held in a New Wave nightclub in Manhattan. Among the models are bisexual Margaret (Anne Carlisle) and Jimmy (also played by Carlisle)…”

NYTimes Review
Stevie Smith

(20 September 1902 – 7 March 1971) was an English poet and novelist. (Apart from death, common subjects include loneliness; myth and legend; absurd vignettes, usually drawn from middle-class British life, war, human cruelty and religion. Though her poems were remarkably consistent in tone and quality throughout her life, their subject matter changed over time, with less of the outrageous wit of her youth and more reflection on suffering, faith and the end of life.She was bisexual.)

Poem:Not Waving But Drowning

Jannice Thaddeus suggests that the speaker of the poem, like other figures in Smith’s works, changes from male to female as part of a theme of androgyny that exists in many of the poems found in Selected Poems.

NY Times review:Glenda Jackson “Stevie” (1978)

(Possible trigger:video contains references to suicide)



a new series of Transfeminist and Feminist articles