(the goal of this site is to provide a visibility space for writings on Transfeminism and Feminism.)

(wikipedia):Robert Hill defines Transfeminism as “a category of feminism, most often known for
the application of transgender discourses to feminist discourses, and of feminist beliefs
to transgender discourse”.
Hill says that transfeminism also concerns its integration
within mainstream feminism. He defines transfeminism in this context as a type of feminism
“having specific content that applies to transgender and transsexual people, but the thinking
and theory of which is also applicable to all women”.
(WIKIPEDIA):Feminist theory emerged from feminist movements and includes
general theories and theories about the origins of inequality,
and, in some cases, about the social construction of sex and gender,
in a variety of disciplines.

Also included in the new series will be media/film criticism on trans people in media/film,
and women in media/film.

(the content of transfeminisms is TransCentric, as well as Femicentric
and includes news stories,opinions,and essays on these themes from around the world.
This is a space meant to be akin to the larger cis blogs like Feministe,
Pam’s House Blend and others.
It’s created, operated, owned, and supplied by Trans Feminists.)

“Mission statement”

(The purpose of this website is to explore aspects of Feminism and Trans Feminism.It is intended to be an exploration of themes involving Women both Cis and Trans,as well as all  Faab persons.It is intended to be Transcentric,but not exclusively, and to explore such problems as Lookism, Ableism,Sexism,

Transphobia,and other related issues.

As well as  original articles and essays,there will be media/film criticism on trans people in media/film, and women in media/film.Also explored will be the interaction between Cis Feminism and Trans people, both good and bad.Spotlight on video will highlight various aspects of these themes.)

*Articles are welcome to be submitted*



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