Exploring some trans feminist views:

Beyond Inclusion

by HG

Beyond Inclusion: Trans Women as Equal Partners in Feminism is an essay I wrote in April 2008 but have been continuously updating. It’s rather long–28 or so pages–and took a very long time to write (including a sick day and two all-nighters). It was originally written for submission to an academic journal.

I preface this that way because I feel awkward asking for a donation for this paper, since I’d very much like it to be available to everyone. However, in order to write theory sustainably, I need economic support from my community.http://takesupspace.wordpress.com/beyond-inclusion/


In which a cis feminist has a serious and long overdue rethink

I want to address some issues raised in Helen’s latest post, issues that I myself have been grappling with recently. The ongoing results* of said grappling have made me feel very ashamed of my past thoughts and misplaced beliefs with regards to trans people and trans issues. Here’s why.



Responding To The Feminist Anti-Transsexual Arguments

A recent, much-disparaged thread on I Blame The Patriarchy turned into a reprise of feminist arguments over transsexuality. Because the thread is on the long side, it has the benefit of providing several examples of feminist anti-trans arguments, as well as (thankfully) many feminist rebuttals.

I think the anti-trans arguments are wrong in every case. In most cases, I think they’re also bigoted and hateful. Let’s take a tour.




a new series of Transfeminist and Feminist articles




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