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April 9th, 2011

Everyone’s favourite celebrity journalist, Ms Bindel, has noticed that the NUS LGBT Campaign Conference 2011, in item 204 Zuck Off! of its schedule of Motions and Amendments (direct link to PDF), believes:

That Julie Bindel is vile.

Ms Bindel’s reaction (via Twitter)?

How utterly professional and dignified NUS

For the record, the full text of the NUS LGBT proposed resolution is as follows:

204 Zuck Off!

Conference believes

  1. Professor Ken Zucker is a clinical psychologist who was invited as a keynote speaker to the Division of Clinical Psychology annual conference this year.
  2. Zuckers work includes the “treatment” and diagnosis of children with Gender Identity Disorder. This diagnosis is based on rigid gender roles, with young girls choosing not to dress in stereotypically ‘feminine’ clothes being a common reason for referral to Zucker’s GID clinic.
  3. Zuckers treatment involves forcing children to conform to rigid gender roles.





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